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Read and listen to “Tvoj Styl”! “Tvoj Styl” is an informational resource of “School of young journalist” organized by NGO “Center for Informational Support of Public Initiatives “The Third Sector” from Hrodna (www.ts.adukatar.net). The project “School of Young Journalist” has been carrying out since 1997 as the annual courses (during 6-7 months).

There are averagely 25 admitted candidates of the course yearly. The students have theoretical training course (4-5 months) and practical training course (2 months). During practical course students do practical work in editorial staffs of Hrodna mass media, issue their own trainings newspapers. Since 1997 till 2007 more than 180 young journalists have graduated from the school.

Today many of them work in editorial staffs of mass media and in Belarusian NGOs. In May, 2007 “Centre “The Third Sector” took part in organization and conducting of Festival of young journalists “Tvoj Styl”.

We are glad to cooperate with other youth media and youth media organizations from other countries.